Dr. Sarah Younes


Dr. Sarah Younes

Dr. Sarah Younes graduated with distinguished honors from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry before returning to her hometown of San Diego, She cares for her patients as though they are her own family, and prides herself in practicing conservative and honest dentistry.

Dr. Younes believes in open communication, allowing her to create personalized treatment plans and focus on the needs of her patients. Her experience with the latest dental technology and focus on learning the improvements of dentistry provides efficient and modern treatment.

As a skilled Family dentist, she provides her utmost attention to detail in restorative dentistry, evidence based care, and calming pediatric care while staying up to date on the latest dentistry through continued dental education training. Staying true to her ethics of dentistry, you can find her internationally spreading smiles on Dental Mission trips abroad.

Dr. Younes loves spending time with her family and the outdoors where she enjoys hiking with her husband.