What Does Invisalign® Cost In San Diego?

If you are wondering about the cost associated with Invisalign teeth straightening, it is helpful to know, first, what the process involves and to define the procedure. This way you will be equipped with the appropriate knowledge to decide if the dental quote you are receiving is a good deal (Please refer to our cost chart at the bottom of this page for a handy visual guide)

A Brief Definition

Invisalign® is synonymous with a dental straightening technique that uses clear retainers to straighten teeth over time. Unlike metal braces, Invisalign® is a set of completely clear retainers that are custom fitted just for you. (see below)

Invisalign Diagram

The retainers are regularly adjusted and updated as a patient goes through a custom sequence set by the dentist. Gradually, your smile will become straighter as your teeth shift and align into place. Each tray is designed so that a patient’s teeth are slightly straighter with each new tray used. Usually, the teeth move as much as .25 millimeters or .010 inches per tray and straighten teeth in as little as 6 months – 12 months.

Comparing Invisalign with Traditional Braces

While the Invisalign treatment process is used for aesthetic reasons and for simple teeth straightening, braces are made for correcting complicated teeth straightening issues. Braces work faster at closing voids and straightening teeth, but many patients dislike the sight of metal braces in their mouth.

When Should Invisalign® Be Considered?

Invisalign can be considered for correcting the following:

  • Fixing a deep bite or overbite
  • Fixing a spacing problem
  • Fixing an underbite
  • Fixing a crowding problem
  • Fixing a cross-bite
  • Basically straightening the teeth

Associated Benefits

Some of the major benefits associated with Invisalign include the following:

  1. Invisalign® trays are customized to fit your mouth.
  2. Invisalign® retainers are clear and therefore are hardly noticed when they are worn.
  3. Your clear retainers are removable as well as comfortable.
  4. The ability to continue to eat your favorite foods.
  5. You can take the aligners out to brush and floss your teeth as well as when you eat. At all other times, you will wear the retainers.
  6. The ability to enjoy the sports you love and stay active.
  7. You can brush and floss as you have done in the past. You do not have to contend with wires or brackets.
  8. You do not have to worry about orthodontic emergencies, where the brackets or wires break.
  9. The aligners are virtually invisible. Most people will not notice or hardly notice that you are wearing them.

Factors that Determine Treatment Costs

Now that you know what Invisalign is, and the associated benefits for this cosmetic dental procedure, it’s time to break down the many factors that make up the cost of treatment, such as:

  1. What dental problems need to be corrected?
  2. The length of the treatment
  3. Lab fees charged to the dentist
  4. The number of clear aligners needed
  5. Promotional items
  6. Number Of Vivera Retainers
  7. Procedures That Speed Up The Process

Addressing Some of the Factors Involved in Treatment

Beginning any type of cosmetic dental treatment can be stressful, particularly if you have not had any experience wearing braces or retainers, such as Invisalign. Most patients, therefore, ask the following questions or want answers to the following topics.

How does treatment begin?

The dentist begins by taking an accurate 3D image of the teeth using a specialized scanner. In fact, 3D technology is used throughout the process to fine-tune the smile – checking each shift using advanced software. You are not subjected to any uncomfortable molds while the retainers are made or switched out. With 3D software in place, your dentist can reveal your new smile before the process begins.

Length of Treatment Increases Or Decreases The Cost

The treatment time depends on the dental or straightening issue. Treatments will go faster if you comply with the dentist’s instructions. While you are not given a fixed date for completion, you will be given a timeline – generally 12 months, unless your case is more complex. In these instances, the treatment time can span up to 18 months or as long as two years. For cases that are not complex, Invisalign can be completed in as little as 6 – 8 months.


Complex cases that involve Invisalign straightening take about two years. In these instances, the back teeth may prove to be resistant to movement. As a result, a patient with a complex case, or patients who need a longer time to align their bite, will incur higher costs for their treatment plan. Each month ads a new set of retainers that need to be custom made, thus incurring higher fees than someone who only needed 6 months worth of trays.

Lab Fees – Another Cost Factor

Invisalign® has a tiered pricing schedule that they set for dentists based on the volume of cases they handle per quarter. If the dentist office is able to complete an above average number of cases per quarter, then their office is charged a lower lab fee set by Invisalign®. If a dental practice is a high volume provider to Invisalign®, then they can have substantially reduced fees that they have to pay to the lab. In this scenario, you should be able to have lower costs for treatment.

Vivera Retainers Add To The Price Of Invisalign

By now, you know that the length of time during treatment, the number of visits you will need to the dentist, the number of clear aligners, and the fee charged to the dental practice by the lab, all add up to the cost of your treatment. However, many people don’t know that once their smile treatment plan is completed, they will need to add Vivera retainers to maintain their new smile. These retainers are typically worn at night and you will need to maintain the use of these retainers every night for the life of your treatment. You can think of these retainers as maintenance guides for your smile.

What Is a Good Deal for Invisalign in San Diego?

Searching for a good deal for San Diego Invisalign® can be a challenge. In fact, we recently compared our prices to our competitors and here is what we found:

  1. A search for “Invisalign San Diego” pulled up numerous offers
  2. Some said $2,600 Off
  3. Our offer listed Invisalign at $1995 or $2,800 Off
  4. Others said they would meet or beat any “Reasonable Offer”
Invisalign Deals

How Do You Know You Are Getting A Good Deal?

Well, for starters, you already know what typically goes into the cost of Invisalign®. To recap they are –

  1. The Length Of Treatment
  2. The # Of Aligners Needed
  3. The # Of Vivera Retainers
  4. The Discount That The Dental Practice Receives from Invisalign®
  5. Any Discount Offered By The Dental Office

Establishing A Pricing Range

If you know that you may have a complicated case, or that you may need a longer treatment plan, then expect to be in the higher range of pricing for Invisalign. However, if you have a simple case and a dentist says it may take 12 months or less, then you know you will be on the lower end of pricing and should use that as your baseline.

Invisalign Cost San Diego

Getting The Best Price On Invisalign

Below you will see our price chart to get an idea with regards to the total price for Invisalign. However, as you know already, these prices range due to a variety of factors. If you use this guide as a baseline, then it makes it easier when getting quotes from reputable dentists. And if you are in the market for Invisalign, we have a special going on that is one of the lowest in San Diego.

Invisalign Cost At 6 Months

The average price for Invisalign at 6 months is anywhere between $4,000 – $5,000. A great price would have a range between $3,000 – $3,5000.

Invisalign Cost 12 Months Or Greater

If you require treatment that extends beyond 12 months, you can expect to pay a higher price. The average price range is from $5,000 – $8,000 with a great price falling within the $4,000 – $4,500 range.